One year of War in Ukraine #20

The Perfect Storm


“What’s past is prologue”, wrote William Shakespeare in his play “The Tempest”. This quote perfectly applies to the international context shaped by one year of war in Ukraine. The conflict, started by the Russian invasion on the 24th February 2022, has changed the global system. In this issue we analyse the consequences of this “Perfect Storm”. George Allison and Emmanuel Karagiannis explain the results of this war from a military strategic point of view. General David Petraeus describes his view of NATO consolidation after one year of war and his expectation about the end of the conflict by negotiation. Wolfgang Munchau and Marco Carnelos write about what the conflict means for Europe and its role in the Western field. Stjin Mitzer and Joost Oliemans, owners and writers of the famous blog “Oryx”, explain the main technological innovations on the battlefield. Finally, Robert Cardillo well describes the disruptive role of satellites in the Ukraine resistance

Ukraine – One year later

The initial launch of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Kremlin on February 24 was intended to be a short-lived affair, with the swift capture of Kyiv as the end goal. However, one year later, those plans failed, as Ukrainian forces successfully repelled Russian troops through a combination of determination and support from Western…