The Heart of the World #10

The Future of the Indo-Pacific


The most important region of the world, in geostrategic terms, is currently the Indo-Pacific. Here, is a battleground between China and the United States. An area of confrontation which could put one nation on top in a rivalry that the whole world is watching. However, there are also ancient (Japan, India, Korea) and new powers (Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia) fighting their way into this Indo-Pacific duel, eager to play significant roles in the future of the region.

Competitive Connectivity in the Indo-Pacific

Competitive connectivity is the nature of geopolitics in the 21st century. Rarely do nations fight militarily over borders. And even though war may erupt at any time, day-to-day geopolitics consists far more in the tug-of-war to control supply chains, trade routes, and advanced technologies than in war over territory. In no region is competitive connectivity…