Iraq two decades after the US invasion #23

All Roads Lead To Baghdad


Twenty years ago, the United States invaded Iraq, with the objective of overthrowing Saddam Hussein. The war started a longstanding chaos in the Middle East’s pivotal nation. “All Roads Lead To Baghdad” was the motto of the US Army during the invasion. And nowadays “All Roads Lead To Baghdad” must be the motto of every analyst who tries to understand the role of Middle East in the future global scenarios. Iraq is central in lots of fields: energy, counterterrorism, infrastructural development. The war of 2003 and its longstanding consequences, however, had strong impacts on Iraq, its society, its internal environment: the nation that rises on the ancient Fertile Crescent has to face many challenges in its road to development.

The role of Iraq in XXI century geopolitics

After having been constantly on the crest of the wave of international attention for at least five decades, Iraq has for some time been overshadowed in the vast pantheon of crises that characterize this unfortunate beginning of the twenty-first century. Partially over the American war epic from 2003 to 2011, with the invasion, regime change, the inglorious…