Happy Holidays
from InsideOver

We launched InsideOver only a few months ago: in May we printed a magazine contributed to by 13 international opinionists such as the Israeli writer A. B. Yehoshua, The Independent multi-award winner¬†Patrick Cockburn, Amos Harel, one of Israel’s leading media experts on military and defense issues and the famous economist Ashoka Mody, just to name a few. Along with the magazine, we launched our new website and we started working with journalists from all over the world.

InsideOver is the English evolution of Gli Occhi della Guerra (literally The Eyes of War), the crowdfunding project for international reporting of ilGiornale.it, one of the main online national newspapers in Italy.

Since 2014, we realised more than 200 reports from all around the globe and now we have started this new international adventure, which you are a part of.
It’s been a very intense year for us. We have published hundreds of articles on international politics to understand what was, and is, happening around us. We have produced over 40 reports, following our reporters in every corner of the world. We have won several awards, including the World Press Photo with a report from Chad.
If you wish, you can take a look below at what we’ve done, thanks to your contribution.
To navigate on the map, zoom in with the + and – buttons, click on the countries to see what we have done, then to close the window for each country click on the X button.


Our bylines are not only a name written on a page, but also a face, a personality and a point of view. InsideOver is first and foremost its contributors with more than 300 people writing from all over the world. Each in its own area of competence. Each according to his own possibilities. Everyone  determined to create a high-quality product.


We are young and we have great aspirations. We want to recount the world with a critical eye and sometimes against the tide. We want to go where things happen and always be at the forefront. We want to compete with the bigs. That’s why your part, the part of each one of us, is fundamental.



So we’d like to ask you to make InsideOver known to all your contacts, to help us in finding new reporters from all over the world, to anyone interested in good journalism.

Your contribution is our core asset.