Happy Holidays
by InsideOver

InsideOver is the English evolution of Gli Occhi della Guerra (literally The Eyes of War), the crowdfunding project for international reporting launched in 2014 by ilGiornale.it, one of the main Italian national online newspapers. Since then, we have carried out over more than 200 reports from all around the globe and daily geopolitical analyses.

In May 2019 we started this new exciting adventure, which you are part of.

The magazine which you have contributed to, together with other 12 high profile opinionists, has been our milestone. Here you will find all the articles of the magazine.


However, there is more. This year we have published hundreds of articles on international politics to understand what was, and is, happening around us. The death of the Isis leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the riots that are setting South America, the Middle East and Hong Kong ablaze, Erdogan’s advance in northern Syria, the European elections and the difficult path of the United Kingdom towards Brexit. We have produced over 40 reports, following our reporters in every corner of the world. We have won several awards, including the World Press Photo with a report from Chad.

You can follow InsideOver year in this infographic:

We have created a real cosmopolitan newsroom made up of 300 contributors from all over the world: analysts, opinionists, reporters, photographers and videomakers. The strength of this newsroom is the different points of view offered by every single contributor that help us to understand the world and its complexity.


InsideOver is a startup: we are young and we have great ambitions. This is us in 30 seconds.