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Eric Arthur Blair was born on the 25th of June 1903, but he is better known as George Orwell. An author, journalist, and philosopher who made his mark on history in the 1900s with his works which laid bare the forces of the totalitarian mechanisms and the control of collective thinking. 116 years later, in Lomazzo (Como), a new platform was launched that bears the name of the same author, Orwell, formed from the idea of Alessandro Nardone, with an event that concluded with the awarding of the Orwell Award 2019. A recognition with which, as the platform explains, the organisers hope to contribute in feeding the debate on the truth of information “as an antidote against fake news and the homologation of singular thinking.”

This is an important challenge. Today, the media system is in a state of profound change and as everyone today has the ability to withdraw themselves from a world in which information is increasingly being accessed online, which more and more is becoming the gateway to everything, which has led for too long to the undervaluing of danger. The overload of information and the transition to digital platforms has led to a situation of greater control and one which is more aligned to the logic of the internet’s information giants. With this motivation, proposing something innovative which challenges approval and goes “against the tide” and which has the support of its readers, is difficult.

It is a challenge however which Orwell accepted and which InsideOver has accepted as well, so much so that it is precisely this effort which was appreciated by the new platform which has decided as a result to premier the project of with an award “for courageous information activities in the service of truth, in the face of the most dangerous theatres of war in all the world and for the sincere commitment to the training of young reporters.” For InsideOver, this represents an acknowledgment which this time brings even greater honour to be attached close to, in the area of online information, decided to undertake another challenge, with a different scope, but which has a desire to acknowledge the commitment to a publication that, first with Gli Occhi della Guerra and now with InsideOver, has always put at its center the desire to challenge singular thinking and above all to go directly to the source, where news takes form, devoid of taboos and ideological limitations. This is InsideOver, which now serves to enrich numerous collaborators from all across the world that have decided to unite for this project.