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This cookie policy describes the use of cookies made by this website.
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What is a cookie?

Cookies are information files that a website transfers to your navigation device when you visit a page on the Internet. They can transfer information between the website and your device, and between your device and other websites which operate on our behalf or privately, in conformity with the dispositions in the relative information document on privacy. We may use cookies to bring together the information we collect about you. You can request to receive notification every time that a cookie is sent or you can disable all cookies by modifying the browser settings. If you disable cookies however, some of our services might not function correctly and you will not be able to access a number of functionalities put in place in order to optimize your website navigation. For further information on the management and deactivation of browser cookies please consult the last section of this document on cookies.

We use different types of cookies with different functions

We reserve the right to periodically publish an updated table in order to indicate the types of cookies used and any useful references to understand their specific purposes. Please find below a summarized description of the main types of cookies which could technically be used. In order to acquire useful information on cookies and their functions, even if only potential, and in order to understand how to set your browser in accordance with the use of cookies, we suggest you read the detailed descriptions.

Session and permanent cookies

Firstly we must point out that the duration of the cookies installed can be limited to the navigation session or extend for a longer period, even after the user has left the site visited. We privilege the use of session cookies (which are not memorized in a persistent manner on the user’s computer and disappear once the browser is closed) which allow the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to consent the safe and efficient exploration of the website. The session cookies used on this website avoid the need to use other data processing techniques which could potentially affect the user’s privacy when browsing.

Technical cookies

These cookie are fundamental in order to be able to navigate on the website and use certain functionalities. Without the strictly necessary cookies, the online services which are normally offered online, might not be accessible if their delivery is based exclusively on cookies of this type. In fact cookies of this type allow the user to navigate in a more efficient manner between the pages of a website and to use the different options and services offered. For example, they allow the identification of a session, access to reserved areas, they memorize the elements which make up a previously formulated request, to perfect a purchase order or to save a price quotation.
Consensus for technical cookies is not required as these are necessary in order to ensure the services requested. It is possible to block or to remove technical cookies by modifying the configuration and settings of the browser options. However, by carrying out this operation, it is possible that access to certain areas of the website will be denied, as well as the use of certain services offered.
For further information please consult the Privacy Policy on our website.

Cookies for the analysis of website performance

It is possible that we, or providers who operate on our behalf providing services that we offer, insert cookies on your device in order to carry out performance evaluation. Information collected through performance cookies is used exclusively by us or in our interest.
Performance cookies collect anonymous information relative to the way in which visitors use the website and its various functions. For example, our performance cookies collect information regarding which pages of the website you visit more often and on our advertisements which appear on other websites with which you interact, as well as verifying whether you open the communications we send you and if you receive error messages. The information collected can be used in order to custom your online experience by showing specific contents. Performance cookies are also necessary in order to limit the number of visualizations of a specific advertisement. Our performance cookies do not collect information of a personal nature.
You can visualize our Cookie Policy by clicking on the relative link on our website. By continuing to use this website and its functions, you are authorizing us (and this website’s external advertisers) to insert performance cookies in your navigation device,
In order to eliminate or manage performance cookies refer to the last section of this Cookie Policy.
In particular the website can use Google Analytics which is an analytics tool owned by Google which helps website and app owners understand how visitors engage with their contents. A set of cookies can be used to collect information and generate website usage statistics without Google identifying the single visitors. As well as generating reports on usage statistics, the website can make use of Google Analytics’ pixel tags as well as cookies for the above-mentioned advertisements, in order to allow us to display results which are more pertinent in Google platforms (such as Google Search) and throughout the web.
For further information you can also consult this website (

Profiling cookies

We are entitled to use on our behalf (or on that of the service suppliers who operate on our behalf) profiling cookies in order to memorize the choices made (language preference, country or other online settings) and in order to offer the custom or optimized functionalities which we presume the user prefers, or in order to memorize the user’s habits and preference as evidenced during browsing. ProfiIing cookies can be used in order to offer you services online, to send you advertising campaigns which take into account your interests or in order to avoid that services which you have declined in the past are offered to you again.
Furthermore we inform you that technically we may authorize advertisers or third parties to supply contents and other online experiences through this website. In such cases the third party involved could insert their own profiling cookies on your device and use them, in the same manner as we do, in order to supply custom functionalities and to optimize your use experience. By choosing custom options and settings based on the preferences shown by the user, you authorize the use on our part of the profiling cookies necessary to offer you such an experience.
If you eliminate the profiling cookies, your selected settings and preferences will not be memorized for future browsing sessions.
This website currently uses the following profiling cookies:
The website may use third party remarketing tools. In such cases certain pages of the website may include a code defined as “remarketing code”. This code enables to read and configure the browser cookies in order to determine what type of advertisement you will see, on the basis of the data relative to your website browsing, for example the navigation circuit chosen, the pages which were actually visited or the actions carried out within them.
The remarketing lists so created are stored in a Google server database in which all the IDs of cookies associated with any list or interest category are kept. The information obtained allows the third party only to identify the browser as with this information the third party is not able to identify the user.
These tools enable the publication of custom advertisements on the basis of the users’ visits to our website.
Authorization of data collection and storage can be revoked at any moment. The user can deactivate the use of cookies on the part of Google through the relevant specific setting options of the different browsers.
In particular these are the main remarketing tools which we may use:
Google Adwords For further information on Google’s Remarketing please visit the page
For further information on Google Regulations and Principles concerning Privacy please visit the page
Bing Ads For further information on Microsoft’s Remarketing please visit the page
For further information on Microsoft’s Rules and Principles concerning Privacy please visit the page
Facebook Ads For further information on Facebook’s Remarketing please visit the page

Registered Visitors

We reserve the right to analyse the online activities of visitors registered to our websites and the online services through the use of cookies and other traceability technologies. If you have chosen to receive communications from us we may use cookies and other traceability technologies to custom future communications according to your interests.
Furthermore we reserve the right to use cookies or other traceability technologies within the communications you receive from us (for example in order to know if they have been read or opened or in order to determine with which contents you interacted and record which links you opened) , in order to make future communications more relevant to your interests. If you no longer wish to receive custom communications, you can click on the link which you will find in our communications to cancel registration, or access your account to revoke consensus to receiving marketing communications.
If you no longer wish to receive advertising communications customized on the basis of your online activity on this website and on other websites, follow the instructions above (concerning custom advertising).
Enablement/disablement of cookies through the browser
There are different ways of managing cookies and other traceability technologies. By modifying the browser settings, you can accept or refuse the cookies and decide to receive a message before accepting cookies from any websites you visit. We remind you that if you completely disable the cookies through the browser you might not be able to use all our interactive functions.
If you use several computers in different places, make sure that every browser is set in such a way as to satisfy your preferences.
You can eliminate all the cookies installed in the cookie folder of your browser. Each browser follows different procedures for the management of settings. Click on one of the following links in order to receive specific instructions.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
If you do not use any of the above browsers, select “cookie” in the relevant section of the guide in order to find out where the cookie folder is located.

Enablement/disablement of cookies through third party services

As well as using the browser tools to enable and disable the single cookies, we inform you that the website provides the list of the main providers that work with website operators to collect and use information which is useful for behavioural advertising.
Given that it is possible that over time third party profiling cookies will be installed, you can easily verify this and decide whether to accept them or not by accessing the website :
You can disable or enable all the companies, or alternatively regulate your preferences individually for each company. In particular in order to carry out this operation easily you can use the tool that you will find in this page: This way you will be able to check your preferences concerning behavioural advertising.
Further useful information regarding cookies is available at the following addresses:;