Women are winning positions of ever greater importance within society, so much so that at long last, Saudi Arabia has had to concede to them (and not a moment too soon) their most basic rights, like the possibility of driving and going to sport stadiums. This is not an easy thing for women especially outside of Western society. In Nepal, women are often constrained by arranged marriages and are victims of traditional superstitions and beliefs. In India, instead, they suffer different injustices: they are made to be married while they are still children, and their entire life is shaped based on this future commitment. There are also women that decided to leave everything and everyone behind in order to follow their dream of joining the Islamic State, but this dream soon turned into a waking nightmare. Some of them never return. Instead in the West, women are gaining increased presence in the political and social scenes.

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Violence, fire shootings and explosions have been a constant in the months leading up to the elections in Afghanistan. It’s…