“War is the continuation of politics by other means.War is not simply a political act, but really a political tool, a choice that comes after politics, one of continuation by other means”. These words were written by Carl von Clausewitz in his written work “On War”. Never has a definition been so accurate. For this reason, we have chosen the most important conflicts of the last few years, searching for the means to comprehend what the true motives behind them are. We have just covered, amongst other things, the war in Libya that caused the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, the war which bloodied Syria for many years, the ascension of the Islamic State in Iraq and, finally, the forgotten conflict of Donbass. We are endlessly occupied with too many things that end up being considered “B-grade” wars, like those in Africa, which continue to claim victims throughout the continent. War, in any case, goes hand in hand with technology: for this reason, and through in-depth analysis, we search to understand what the future may hold.