When you talk about terrorism you think automatically of Islam, but it’s not quite that simple. The first attacks, in fact, were politically motivated. For example the Red Brigade in Italy or the IRA in Ireland. It is only following the attack on the Twin Towers that something changed in the world view on terrorism of Islamic origin. Osama bin Laden struck a mortal blow to the United States, when he killed almost 3000 people. After the attack, America launched their “war on terror” that continues to this day. The Islamic State continued in the steps of Bin Laden, organising between 2014 and 2018 numerous attacks across the world: for the US to Russia. It is because of ISIS that terrorism has changed in the way and nature attacks are carried out. Attacks don’t happen because of direct orders from a Jihadist group leader, but are instead carried out in a wide range of places by lone-wolf attackers, that can strike at any time in any place. With the exiting of Basque Homeland and Liberty (ETA) from the global scene, it marks the closing parenthesis on contemporary political terrorism.