The clothing and traditions of a population determine life in a country. In Afghanistan, for example, society is impenetrable to any change. War began in 2001, and contrary to expectations, it did not have any effect in changing old attitudes. Instead, the Taliban are increasingly taking over society. This closing off from the world is reminiscent, in certain aspects, to the scenario of North Korea which, not by chance, was coined by many as a “hermit country”. In other parts of the world, although afflicted with conflicts, society has been changing very quickly. In Aleppo, a city devastated by bombings, they are making continued new strides, with the city’s youth practicing parkour amongst the building rubble. In the parts of Syria controlled by the Kurds, on the other hand, women are retaking important positions, which have been earned in the war against Islamic State. In Iran, society has instead developed into two sides: that which (on the surface) serves the ayatollahs, and then a hidden one, where young people organise parties with music and wine.