Religions determine life, times, political preference and entire populations. In our reports, we have given meaning to the lesser known areas of religion. In Pakistan, for example, we are occupied with the mysterious parts of Islam; Sufism. In Syria, instead, we have recounted the patchwork of religions that coexist peacefully in the country, not counting the threat of extremists. Not always, however, are the relationships between religions so easy. In recent times, with the ascent of the Islamic State, the Christian and Yazidi minorities were persecuted by Islamists. Numerous faiths were therefore forced to flee their countries of origin in search of a better future in Europe. The birth of ISIS has begun amongst other things – a moment of reflection to the entire Islamic world with one question: who are we? How is it possible that a movement like the Islamic State can claim to draw inspiration from the Quran? In India, instead, there are Hindu extremists persecuting both Muslims and Christians.