The things that happen in a country have effects, big and small, all over the world. The ascension of Donald Trump, for example, has not just affected the United States of America, but the whole world. It has also influenced the rise of the so-called populist movements in the European Union, that have put into question the old rules. There is also a more profound aspect, which is the relationships between countries, that represent the greatest political changes. The agreement between Trump and Kim Jong-un has allowed for a sigh of relief for the entire world, ending a crisis that, between various threats and attempts at diplomacy, has lasted for decades. The relationship between Russia and the West is even more complex, in particular with the US. On the one hand, each of these powers seeks to win against the other, while on the other hand they are forced into dialogue on the most important global issues, beginning with the Syrian crisis. Where politics seems to fail, for the moment, seems to be in Iran. The nuclear agreement made by the Obama administration was torn up by Trump, thus opening a period of uncertainty throughout the Middle East region.