Migration has always been part of the story of humanity. Populations come and go – they move, and in the end, hope to find a safe and stable dwelling. In the last few years, many European countries have seen an exponential shift in the number of migrants arriving. The causes of this are numerous: war, searching for a better future, and even climate change, which has rendered some parts of the world inhospitable. However, it has also been caused by conflicts in recent years, from the Arab Spring onwards, that have resulted in a massive increase of migrants. The Arab Spring was supposed to bring democracy and freedom that would transform these war torn countries, like Libya, which can no longer control the influx of migrants, and Syria, from where five million people have fled. The issue of migration has now reached the level of political debate in Europe, which has seen polar views between traditional parties and other parties that have been labelled, possibly too hastily, as “populists”.