Zaynab M. Dost is a researcher and journalist specialising in post-Soviet Central Asian politics and international relations. She has a particular interest in society, history and politics of Uzbekistan. She holds a postgraduate diploma of SAIS Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Contemporary Political Theory from the University of Westminster. Zaynab is a freelance contributor/editor for Central Asian Analytical Network (CAAN) and UzAnalytics. She also works for the Research department of Mergermarket, Acuris, global business intelligence provider in London. She has interest in the emerging markets. Previously, Zaynab used to work as Assistant to the Drug Liaison Officer at the Embassy of Italy in Uzbekistan. She also has experience as a journalist and editorial consultant for the Open Central Asia magazine. A native speaker of Russian and Uzbek, she is also is fluent in English, Italian. She also speaks a fair Turkish.