Youcef Bounab is an Algerian-born freelance journalist based in New York. He covers international news, further focusing on the North African and Middle Eastern region.

Bounab studied journalism at the University of Algiers, from which he graduated in 2017. He had written for a number of Algerian publications and media outlets, including those of Arabic and French language.

Prior to his graduation, he had worked for The Summit News —Algeria’s first online newspaper of English expression— covering a variety of topics differing from local to international news. The Summit News, being a student initiative, soon faced financial hardships and was compelled to closure.

Bounab later took on submitting contribution pieces to numerous local newspapers, addressing social and human-interest topics for the most part. He was published in the first issue of Ineffable—a now growing cultural magazine based in Algiers. He ran a blog in the Huffington Post-affiliated Huffpost Maghreb, wherein he wrote about topics that varied from Algerian society to history and politics.

Following graduation, he worked as a local higher-education freelance reporter for L’Etudiant Algérien in Algiers, having been admitted after he had investigated cases of drugs and violence in the University of Algiers 2. He then interned at Liberté —the second most read Algerian newspapers of French language— wherein he reported hard-news stories for the online edition.

Before moving to the United States in 2018, he had interned at El Watan, which is the most circulating newspaper of French language in Algeria. He worked for its weekly supplement Arts et Lettres in which he conducted feature articles on a weekly basis, addressing sociocultural topics transcending at times local interest —he reviewed Marvel’s Black Panther as it premiered in Algiers, covered street art movements, inter alia, music trends and other arts-related topics.

Residing in New York, his attention briskly shifted to international affairs, as he grew increasingly concerned with current events taking place in North Africa and the Middle East, which he works on for InsideOver.