Born in Naples in 1989, he now lives and works in Rome.

In 2012, thanks to a scholarship, he lives for one year in Paris, where he increases his photographic and cinematographic training, working with Paris8 Vincennes – Saint Denis Visual Arts Department.

In 2014 he graduated with praise in Cinema and Visual Arts at DAMS of RomaTre.

During the three-year period 2014/2015, he has a master’s degree at the Istituto Superiore di Fotografia in Rome, where he is able to grow professionally in a fervent and stimulating atmosphere, collaborating with well-known photographers.

During his years of training, he has produced (working in a textile factory) a series of reportage produced in Italy and in various parts of the world.

Since 2016, in collaboration with photo editor Melissa Pallini, he began his career as a freelance photographer with some NGOs in the Middle East and Central Africa, without ever losing sight of the documentation of his native territory and the long-term projects inherent in his personal life.

The main feature of his visual approach is the combination of genres, styles and languages. The result is a body of work hardly attributable to a specific genre.

The identity of his work finds room in a continuous motion, in a persistent search on the medium, on aesthetics, on experience.

Just as water takes on the shape of the container in which it is poured, each of his projects is autonomous, and changes its aesthetic and symbolic imprint, adapting to different contexts and people.

His research is visceral, instinctive, an is moved by a deep and genuine curiosity, embracing many expressive mediums; From photography to video art, from social themes to intimate and personal stories.

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