Valentina Tamborra was born in Milan in 1983. She is a portrait photographer and as a social photo-reporter, she mixes storytelling and photography. During 2012 she photographed the preparation of the exhibition “Valentina Movie”  by the Italian comics artist Guido Crepax. In 2014 she documented the project “Ti aspetto fuori” by Matteo “BruceKetta” Iuliani. On this occasion, the photographer followed the prisoners of the high-security Opera jail in Milan during a theatrical lab that led to an event at Zelig Theatre – Milan.
Since 2016 she has been working in partnership with several NGOs such as Amref Health Africa, Médecins Sans Frontières, L’Albero della Vita and Emergenza Sorrisi. Her projects have been exhibited in Milan, Rome, Naples and across Italy and have been published on the main Italian national media (Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Repubblica, La Lettura, Gioia, F). She has also taken part in many TV and Radio shows (Rai 1, Rai Italia, Radio 24 e Rai Radio2).
She also works as a lecturer and conducts workshops about photography and storytelling. Her first personal project, Doppia Luce, was awarded with the AIF New Photography Prize during the 2018 Milan Photofestival.