Stefano Fasano is a freelance reporter. A former editor of the Italian version of the multilingual magazine Cafèbabel, he has collaborated with numerous publications in Italy and abroad, including Pagina99, Lettera 43, the Venerdì di Repubblica, Equal Times and Columbia Journalism Review. He began reporting in Italian and English during the manhunt in Belgium for the surviving bombers who carried out the Paris attacks in 2015, following which he reported on the Parisian protests against the Labor Laws implemented in 2016, the Parisian banlieues, and Hungary’s complex migration situation under their sovereign Viktor Orbàn. As a freelancer he has covered the development of ethnic tensions in Kosovo on the 10 year independence anniversary. His work has given context to numerous global issues including the humanitarian situations in Senegal and West Africa. His focus however has always been to report in the voice of those living the story, on what they have seen and experienced. When doing this type of reporting, you cannot be influenced just by the numbers, and have to go beyond the headlines.