When enrolled at L’Accademia di Belle Arti he dreamt of becoming an artist. Growing up, he found himself following the path of the cinema. And so, after graduating with a masters from Sapienza, he began working on production sets, gaining much experience working with television programming. His first contract working in the world of journalism was casual but also quite overwhelming: directing, photography, story-telling, editing… it was like a dream. Today he has created dozens of reports, both here in Italy and abroad. He has travelled extensively and has captured many amazing scenes: from the war in the Ukraine, the conflict in Afghanistan, the journeys of hope for those in search of the American dream… as well as Syria, Cecenia, Guatemala, Greece and Albania. Countless international scenarios have served as material for his videos. However if I were to tell you his passion, his Shangri-La, he would tell you simply that “Nothing can compare to the colours of Mexico, the land of enchantment, full of breathtaking landscapes and stark contrasts, dripping with stories to tell and adventures to live.”