Born in Milan in 1978, Paolo grew up close to Monza, but has been residing in the Province of Lecco for the past 10 years.

After graduating from high school, he began his tertiary studies in geology while also completing his military service in Rome. He was an author for “Il Primato Nazionale” and has also written for “Tradizione Militare, the periodical of “Associazione Nazionale Ufficiali Provenient da Servizio Attivo” (ANUPSA).

He was formerly a full-time writer for Gli Occhi della Guerra – Il Giornale. He is also a member of the Italian Infantry Association.

Passionate about photography, history and armed forces, he has practised fencing at a competitive level and is also a regional instructor for the Lecco Fencing Club where he also holds the position of manager and press officer.