Noemi La Barberia is a journalist specialising in video production, who has been active in the field of information for years with an eye on the deepening of social phenomena. As an author and video producer, she follows several projects in the non-profit sector dealing mainly with immigration, legality and mafia.

In 2017, she produced the report “Lager Libya, migrants tell the unspeakable”, working on the project “Exodus”, on the subject of torture suffered by migrants in transit from Libya. She also worked on the elaboration of the trauma in an experience that led to the making of the video “Psyché così curiamo i migranti vittime di tortura”.

In the field of legality, she has taken care of several projects, also thanks to the collaboration with non-profit organizations involved in the fight against the mafia. La Barbera has also taken part in the realization of the web doc on confiscated goods: “Il rifiuto della mafia”, on behalf of the project “Officina della memoria”, sponsored by Miur. Over the years she has been able to deepen the issue of anti-mafia legislation and confiscation of assets also thanks to the production, from 2012, of videos: “With the eyes of Paolo Borsellino. Look at the new Anti-Mafia Code”, “Mafia and Economy. Mafia and enterprise. Mafia and the State”, “Changing the way you fight the Mafia”, “Anti-mafia Code, for a useful reform between efficiency and guarantee”.

In 2014, she participated in the video-investigation, on behalf of Ora Quotidiano. it: “Mafia meetings”, on the theme of memory after the massacres of ’92. Her portfolio also extends to national newspapers where she has covered the most important events of recent years including the earthquake in Central Italy, the G7 in Taormina, landings of migrants and government crisis.