Born in Novara in 1972, after high school he decided to devote himself to photography. He began as an assistant to a great photographer known to the world as Monty Shadow, with whom he did advertising campaigns worldwide. He then became assistant to Wahb Mabkhout, an extravagant and brilliant photographer of Moroccan origin. With him he has the opportunity to photograph the most famous supermodels of the late '90s.

Always passionate about the world’s cultures and travel, he is therefore dedicated to reportage. He works in many African countries, on a 10-year project concerning leprosy patients, but also in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and the Caribbean. Since April 2015 he has been working with Giornale. it and InsideOver. For them, he documented the journey of migrants from the Turkish coast to Europe and made a report on the condition of women in India.

His latest works are on environmental contamination in the Dominican Republic, where in the Pueblo Viejo of Cotuì, the Canadian company Barrick Gold has been mining gold for years, poisoning rivers with mercury and cyanide, and on Haitian “slaves” bought to cut sugar cane.