Matt has been working in journalism for the last four years for numerous publications. During his time at Education Support Partnership, he wrote about the challenges that the education sector was facing and his own personal experiences with dyspraxia. His time here helped launch his journalism career and he realised this was the right field for him.

Matt then went on to work for Blasting News as a political reporter or ‘certified blaster’, where he reported on Brexit and local politics. He started off as a ‘junior blaster’, writing opinion pieces on numerous topics. He was then promoted to a ‘certified blaster’, where he wrote the headline news every week. Matt’s stories exposing racism, homophobia and misogyny were reported on by BBC Southampton, the Basildon Echo and the Daily Mail.

During his time with Blasting News, Matt was headhunted by a payments website called Centus, who hired him to write opinion pieces and report on the latest news in the payments industry. He was also approached by an American publication called Christian Times Magazine to write about American politics.

Matt possesses experience in local journalism. He used to work for a newsletter called Henley News and a magazine called the Cotswold and Vale Life Magazine. When he was completing his National Council for the Training of Journalists qualification, he briefly worked at the Stratford Herald.

Up until March this year, he also did some work for Here In The City, reporting on politicians’ social media activities.

Matt also specialises in PR. He works for a PR company called PRIME Research as a media analyst where he monitors media coverage for clients in the automotive industry.

Recently, Matt has been promoted to the role of News Executive at PRIME Research and has become a columnist at The i Paper.