Born in Novara in 1973, he discovered a passion for photography in 1998, during a trip with a friend who was a reporter. From this moment onwards he cannot do without his camera and travelling. In 1999 hr had his first real reporting experience: a trip to Benin and Togo hosted by the Comboni Fathers, opened his eyes to what is really worth being captured and documented. Following this moving experience with life and humanity, the choices he made regarding new locations and destinations has always  been linked to the quest for stories to tell. All this has led him to undertake numerous journeys: from the Maghreb to the Middle East, to Central America and in Africa.
He also collaborated with Studio 14 in Milan and is now part of the Phorme photographic collective, with which he has been published in newspapers such as La Repubblica, Avvenire, Vita, Casa, Private, and L’Azione.
His latest project “Ragazzi Harraga” is a report on migrant children in Palermo for the NGO CIAI and that Matteo Marini of La Repubblica described as  “a vivid and cheerful but intense report that captures many nuances”; the photo-interview, in collaboration with the journalist Elisa Bertoli, and Afghan activist Malalai Joya, who is considered by Time among the 100 most influential personalities in the world, and finally a report on the surviving Tutsi women of the Rwandan genocide 25 years ago, work done for TK Onlus and for the NWC NGO.
Parallel to social reporting he provides photographic services to agencies, associations and foundations, also collaborating with various NGO’s and non-profits.

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