Massimiliano Pescarolo is a photographer born in 1973.
In 1999 he realized his first reportage with a friend reporter, thanks to a stay in Benin and Togo made possible by the Combonian Fathers. It was precisely this journey that opened his eyes to what is really worth being caught and documented.
Following that touching experience of life and humanity, the choice of new journeys is linked to the search for stories to tell. All this prompted him to make numerous trips to Africa, Maghreb, Middle East and Central America on behalf of NGOs and UNs.
Some of his photos have been published by La Repubblica, Il Giornale, InsideOver, Private, L’Avvenire, L’Azione, L’Informatore, Il Corriere di Novara and have been part of an exhibition at the Italian Author’s Photography Center and at the African Studies Center of the University of Turin. He was also finalist at the Festival of Ethical Photography in Lodi in 2019.