Marcello Spagnulo graduated in Aeronautical Engineering at “La Sapienza” University, Roma. He has been working in Aerospace and Defense since the ‘80s. He worked at the European Space Agency ESA in The Netherlands; at Arianespace in France and in French Guyana; at Thales Alenia Space and at Finmeccanica in Italy; at the Italian Space Agency, where he was in charge of strategic planning. He has been Vice-President Special Projects at Octo Telematics SpA in Rome. He is President of the of the Board of Directors at the MarsCenter srl, in Napoli.

His book “Lo Spazio oltre la Terra” edited by Giunti won in 2010 the 7th literary competition “Giulio Dohuet” of the Italian Air Force. He collaborates as columnist with Airpress, a monthly magazine on Aerospace and Defence Policy. His last book “Geopolitics of Space Exploration” has been published by Rubbettino Edizioni in 2019 and by Springer Praxis in 2021.