Determined, flexible, very curious. Perfectionist.
My passion par excellence?
Learn as many languages as possible and interface with cultures completely different from mine. And travel. Not to go blind and indifferent. To consolidate the languages that I already speak perfectly (English, French and Spanish) and to learn more (particular predisposition, so I quickly memorize and reproduce the new sounds). And, above all, to better tell the truth.
What do I love about my work?
The creativity of video editing and interviews.
I like to dig into people’s stories. Listen to them. Make them feel comfortable when they decide to open up to the most delicate and/or personal revelations.
A stubborn and fierce researcher: before writing or talking about a topic I know little about, I could spend hours studying every single facet of it.
My dream? I’m already doing it: I work non-stop and, just like that, I feel so free.