Growing up in an Italian town where he was born, Joshua’s name was not the only thing which made him stand out from the other kids.

He soon discovered that his passion for luxury hospitality service and curiosity for what was happening on the other side of the world was distinct from the others.

He took a journey to China through India and Nepal and  has lived there for almost 2 years. Since then ‘yellow fever’ didn’t leave him and every now and then he wants to go back to discover something new.

He studied at the London Journalism School back in 2017 while working in Cardiff as a Front office Manager where his love for International journalism grew enormously.

Nowadays he is grateful and content with his worldly experiences which has lead him to the decision to move back temporarily to Italy.

He has collaborated with the Beijinger, a local newspaper for expats during his time in the capital of China. He also gained experience in social media during a collaboration with an American recruitment company.

His interest mainly lies in Asia and he is about to participate in a new collaboration for a local magazine in Thailand.

As a polyglot who has lived in 8 different cities Joshua remains eager to enlarge his knowledge of Asian culture, political issues and environmental plans for the future in the world’s most populated continent.