Gülin De Vincentiis is a three times round-the-world traveller and writer. She has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, dropout from PhD. After teaching at the university for ten years, she set out on a 15 months overland world tour. Seven years later, she did another world tour, this time by sea- lasting a year, where she met her Italian husband. Seven more years later came another world tour, this time as a family with their then 3.5 year-old daughter, “Around the World in 99 Days”. Travelling the world so extensively gave Gülin first-hand knowledge of places and an overall view of the world. She became obsessed with borders, security, justice, human behavior, anything related to world affairs. She feels she belongs everywhere and nowhere. She is now on a mission to go to every country and has travelled to 149 countries out of the 193 UN countries + 2 observer states.

Gülin has published articles in the biggest Turkish newspapers and magazines like Hürriyet, Milliyet, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Voyager, McMaison, Maviology. She has a travel book “Avucumda Patikalar” (“Trails in My Palm”) and a children’s book “Masal Perisi”, now also in Italian “I Racconti della Luna”.
She writes because “Looking for words, you find thoughts. She lives life so that it would make a good story. So far, not so bad.”