A war journalist since 1983, Micalessin founded the Albatross Press Agency – with Almerigo Grilz and Fausto Biloslavo – and began his career following the Afghan mujaheddin fighting with the Soviet Red Army. Since then he has recounted more than 40 conflicts from Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya and Syria via the wars of the Former Yugoslavia, South East Asia, Africa and Central America. In addition to articles for “il Giornale” – for which he has worked with since 1988 – he has written for the most important national and international newspapers and magazines (Panorama, Corriere della Sera, Liberation, Der Spiegel, El Mundo, The Express and Far Eastern Economic Review). Micalessin is also a documentary filmmaker and television author. His reports and documentaries have been broadcast by the most important national and international networks (CBS, NBC, Channel 4, France 2, TF1, NDR, TSI, Canale 5, Rai 1, Rai 2 and MTV). In 2011 he won the Ilaria Alpi Award as best documentary with a film produced by MTV about the youth revolt in Benghazi, Libya. In 2012 he also won the journalistic prize Enzo Baldoni of Milan.