Traveling around the world, making ends meet by writing articles and looking for adventure are what led to Fausto Biloslavo becoming a war reporter. Class of 1961, his baptism of fire in reporting was during the Israeli invasion of Libya in 1982. During the 80s he covered the wars taking place in Afghanistan, Africa and the far east. In 1987 he was captured and held as a prisoner in Kabul for seven months. The former Yugoslavian remembers all of the wars between Croatia, Bosnia, all the way to the NATO intervention in Kosovo. Biloslavo is the first Italian journalist to enter Kabul freed by the Taliban after September 11. In 2003 he travelled into the desert in order to cover the Allied invasion that resulted in the capture of Saddam Hussein. In 2011 he was the last Italian to interview Colonel Gaddafi during the uprising. In recent years he has documented the birth and fall of the three “Capitals” of ISIS. Sirte (Libya), Mosul (Iraq) and Raqqa (Syria). Across 35 years of reporting from the frontline, he has written almost 6000 articles accompanied by video and photography. He has visited so many wars in order to appreciate the fortune of being able to live in peace.