Demostenes Floros is an economic and geopolitical analyst. He is contract professor at the University of Bologna Alma Mater, Master Italy-Russia International Business Relations. He is head and professor of the ninth course in Geopolitics, established at the Open University of Imola (Bologna). He was geopolitical adviser of NE-Nomisma Energia (2008-11) and he collaborated with Abo (, edited by ENI, 2017-19), WE-World Energy (ENI three monthly review, 2015-19), www.limesonline (2012-17), and the geopolitical review Limes (2011-16). Among his collaborations: Energy International Risk Assessment (EIRA, 2014-17), Blue Fuel (2013-16), (2016). Since 2019, he is senior energy economist at CER-Centro Europa Ricerche, Energy sector In February 2020, he published the essay: War and Peace of Energy. Italy’s strategy for natural gas between the Russian Federation and Nato. Preface by Lucio Caracciolo. Afterword by General Giuseppe Cucchi. Diarkos Editor, pg. 297, 2020. He was appointed economic adviser of the Russian Honorary Consulate in Bologna (2016-17). Demostenes Floros was born on May 5th 1976 in Medicina (Bologna), Italy.