Photoreporter and independent Italian videomaker, he graduated from the University of Bologna in Marketing and then in Statistical Sciences in 2011. He moved to London for the start of his media and communications career before moving to Dubai in 2015. Always attentive to social and environmental issues, he began to develop his photographic style, following local and Near Eastern influences. Street, Portrait and Landscape are part of his way of understanding photography and telling the diversity of the world, to recount the everyday life and to break down ideological barriers. In 2016 he collaborated with Nikon Middle East on a series of environmental and anthropological projects, which led him to travel to South Africa and Kashmir, while in 2018 he returned to Italy and took part in the “Mini magic bus” project in Sri Lanka, which produced 4 episodes for the Italian TV show “Kilimanjaro” on Raitre. Also in 2018, “The Dust of the World” was born, a series of photographic exhibitions and cultural contamination events conceived by Daniele on a national level, in which photographic works and international issues were exhibited at the PWC and IPG interpublic spaces in Milan. In 2019, he planned with Jeep a trip to southern Morocco, aiming at telling the most authentic and less known part of the country, and at the end of the same year, he launched the Travel Film School’s online course in Travel Photography. His works have been published on Repubblica, La Stampa, Huffington Post, Travel & Leisure and Lonely Planet. Since 2020 he has been working on special projects in collaboration with Inside Over.