Born in Lodi 9/9/1989, journalist, History graduate from the University of Milan. Since 2012 he has constantly been reporting on Africa, recounting the main crises and wars of the African continent and has also produced reports from Central America, the Balkans, the Caucusus and Asia. His works, published in some of the most important Italian and foreign publications, which have been awarded the following journalistic awards: “Fogli di viaggio, Tiziano Terzani 2012”, “Ucsi 2013”, “Giornalisti del Mediterraneo 2014”, “Giuseppe De Carli 2014”, “Tonino Carino 2014”, ”menzione speciale premio Indro Montanelli 2015”, ”Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei 2018”, ”Marco Luchetta 2019”. He is the author of the ebook published by Mondadori “viaggio al centor della guerra”.