Asma Samir is a passionate freelance journalist of Egyptian origin based in the UAE.
Seeking inspiring and impactful stories and sharing tales from the lives of fascinating people – there was never really another career that appealed to her as much as journalism and the never- ending pursuit for a story.
And because good stories are like buried treasure — you must dig to find them, she figured that there is something truly outstanding about delving into topics that touch communities the most.
During the course of her career, she has been associated with multiple English and Arabic TV and print productions, broadcast media and journalism as a Producer / Director / Reporter /Journalist / Filmmaker covering a range of beats including politics, government affairs, judiciary,
law enforcement, lifestyle, entertainment, etc…
Intrigued by geopolitics, humanitarian aspects, and social justice and dynamics, Asma interviewed public officials and high-profile figures including dignitaries, ministers, ambassadors and key experts in different fields.
Willing to stir debates on controversial subjects, Asma hopes her writings can shed the light on topics which may go unnoticed in the media and stories that touch the lives of people – ones they
can relate to.
A journalist by profession and humanist by nature, Asma enjoys music, travel and learning about different cultures.