A New Beginning

This website you are reading is at once a point of arrival and departure for a story that began five years ago.

Gli Occhi della Guerra is a great idea. A fine idea for those who are not satisfied with articles copied and pasted, with opinions rehashed at the editorial desk. And what better publisher than the reader himself?” So Toni Capuozzo, the doyen of Italian war journalists, described this initiative, which at the time seemed little more than a dream.

It was little more than a dream to start again, in years of deep crisis of publishing, to produce journalism directly and on the front line.

It was little more than a dream to do it starting from the web – often and, it has to be said, foolishly – stigmatised as the cradle of superficial information or, worse still, of fake news.

It was little more than a dream trying to begin doing great journalism again starting from the most important resource of each newspaper, the reader, whom we involved (the world’s first publisher to do so) through crowdfunding.

Yet the dream has come true

In these five years, dozens of reporters have produced over 200 reports all over the world and Gli Occhi della Guerra has won numerous international awards: many for the quality of the stories told, others, including the 2016 INMA Global Award for Innovative Journalism in London, for the idea and method of involving readers, and the prestigious Biagio Agnes International Information Award for the “new frontiers of journalism”.

This is our story so far. A story made of passion, courage and fulfillment.

A story that drives us to step up our pace. Pace, horizon and perspectives.

Gli Occhi della Guerra has now become InsideOver, a new site that, from today, speaks Italian and English.

Inside the news Over the world, this is our mission: to be inside the facts with an open view onto the world.

We will continue to recount our time through contributions, analyses, views and reports, carried out by women and men and for readers from all over the world.

This is only the beginning. A new beginning.