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InsideOver is a news website focusing on world affairs supported by its readers through crowdfunding. Through articles, multimedia reports and in-depth studies, and over 300 journalists, photographers, reporters and videomakers from all over, we chronicle the world. We go where events take place with an open outlook onto the global context.

InsideOver is a bilingual website, with an Italian and an English version. While InsideOver in Italy (formerly Gli Occhi della Guerra) has been operative since 2014 and has received numerous international awards, the English website was launched in May 2019.

In order to celebrate this new beginning, as well as the website, in May we also came out with a paper magazine, a special issue comprising articles by 13 renowned international commentators and images by Italian award-winning photographers.

We attempted to understand the world by following the points of view of authors such as Israeli A.B. Yehoshua, award-winning Patrick Cockburn of British daily The Independent, Amos Harel, a major Israeli expert on military and defence, renowned economist Ahoka Mody, just to mention a few.

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But what sets us apart from other news websites?

A cosmopolitan newsroom with no boundaries, determined to provide a high- quality product every day. An alternative point of view, often outside the ‘frame’ of the world’s big media. An inquisitive approach, leading us to explore unknown and far-off scenarios. One passion: to chronicle the world. One dictum: loyalty to our readers.

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