InsideOver, born from, is a website focusing on news insights, international analysis and reporting. In only a few years, through the use of crowdfunding, we have published over 250 reports from all over the world. Crowdfunding and the direct engagement of our readers, passion and transparency are the traits which distinguish InsideOver.

InsideOver is two websites: one in Italian and one in English.The latter has an editorial office collaborating with over 100 journalists, analysts and reporters worldwide: from Africa, to America, passing through India and Europe.

Through their work and ours, we want to convey to you what is happening in the world. From all those participating in InsideOver (journalists, staff and readers) we expect loyalty.


If you believe that our work should be supported, continue to read us, talk about us, suggest stories, work with us (if you are a journalist, photographer or video maker) and, if you can, donate your contribution to our mission.

InsideOver is a registered publication of ilGiornale online srl.

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