The troubled future of Lebanon #15

The Martyrdom of a Nation


Lebanon is a nation on the brink of collapse. Wider crises of the Middle East are finding themselves at a devastating crossroad in Lebanon. In this issue we investigate the country’s complex, diverse issues – with our reporters in Lebanon and analyses from notable scholars: in this issue Diwan’s editor Michael Young, the famous historian David Abulafia and two leading analysts specialized on Middle East dynamics, Michael Tanchum and Eyal Zisser, describe the complex trajectory of Lebanon in its regional framework.

The Troubled Future of Lebanon

As Lebanon entered 2020, the centennial of its establishment by France, the country was entitled to ask whether its 100th birthday would be among its last. In November of the previous year, the economy had collapsed, the result of an insurmountable public debt, declining capital inflows, economic mismanagement, and pervasive corruption. Today, Lebanon’s economic situation […] Continue reading